Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Trinkets, Odds & Ends...That Sorta Thing: I

There are a good many subjects that will be discussed here in the 'Trinkets, Odds & Ends...That Sorta Thing' section of this blog. Reader beware. Somethings will appeal to some readers and some to others. With that said...tonight I will be discussing several songs that I like that I feel are under appreciated. Where a video is available I will include one.

Top 5 (at present):

5) Poison by Alice Cooper
Okay, so who hasn't loved Alice Cooper since Wayne's World??
These guys are awesome! You gotta give it up for guys who have more product in their hair and way more make-up than the hot chicks in their videos!! Word!

4) The Color Spectrum :0)

3) Rain by Patty Griffith
Absolutely love this song. Love the animation of the video too. The lyrics are lovely and with today's weather it suits the mood.

2) Sunrise by Norah Jones
The lyrics are so simple, but lovely. Definitely an adorable feel-good song.

AND THE #1 UNDER APPRECIATED SONG (in my humble opinion):

1) Hell on Heels by Pistol Annies
The one on the far right is Miranda Lambert, one of my most, excuse me, MOST favorite Country singers. Hella famous by herself, goes and finds the middle one who is a Presely, Angaleena Presley to be exact, and as they were already friends with the other one Ashley Monroe (not related to Marilyn) they decided to form a band. Love them, though I must disclose that I do not think being a gold digger is an acceptable occupation for a Lady ;0)

Well this concludes my Top 5 Under Appreciated Song list.

Thank you for reading.


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