Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Legend of Korra: Harmonic Convergence Review

The second part of this week’s episode brought our main characters to the doorstep of cataclysm, with Harmonic Convergence just hours away, it was time to deal with Unalaq and Vaatu once and for all. And how does the team decide to go about fighting a superior army with literally only 10 or so people? Head on of course, because why not? Sure it was a weak battle plan. They could have tunneled underneath everyone and gotten right to the portal, I mean they have two earth benders, but that would have deprived us of one of the funniest episodes of the season.

Tenzin’s siblings have lived in his shadow for the entire season, and apparently life too if they are to be believed, but in this episode Bumi had his chance to shine. Since his introduction, Bumi has always seemed like he’s compensating. Maybe it’s because he’s older than his siblings and is starting to feel his age, or more likely it’s that he’s the only non-bender in a household that contained four, so he had to be loud and in your face to get some recognition. Regardless of the source of his inner feelings of inadequateness, Bumi is a cheerful spirit, much like Sokka and King Bumi before him. So when everyone else gets caught, only someone who can truly think outside the box could save the day.

Watching Bumi fumble his way past guards and evil spirits was truly enjoyable. He was funny, something the show, especially this season, has lacked to a certain degree. Sokka was always lightening up the mood in the previous series, and Bolin, before his ‘I’m an actor now’ shtick broke the tension more often than not. Varrick had his moments, but when he took a turn to the dark side, his funny antics were put on the back burner for a more sinister approach, so watching Bumi save the day Jack Sparrow style really stood out.

What was great about his rescue mission was how it was foreshadowed the entire episode without you really realizing it. He was constantly telling everyone of his crazy missions when in the army, and all the kind of kooky ways he would save the day. No one took him seriously, and to a certain degree, as the viewer, you couldn’t either. I mean some of the things he was implying were outlandish. But in the end, he saved the day with nothing but his flute, and a stolen mecha tank. It was hilarious to see him angering evil spirits, try to fight them one on one, and eventually lead them on a chase that brought down the entire enemy camp. He truly lived up to the namesake Bumi, and no doubt uncle Sokka taught him a thing or two about quick thinking.

With all free, everyone had a goal. Tenzin, Kia and Bumi were off the find Jinora’s spirit. Mako and Bolin were to hold off Unalaq. Korra was to close the portals and prevent Vaatu from becoming free and Unalaq from becoming the Dark Avatar. Unfortunately for Korra, she was too late. The planets aligned, and Harmonic Convergence commenced, freeing Vaatu. This is a fight 10,000 years in the making, and one I am very excited to see.

This episode was pure fun, and we needed that. It’s been a while since I genuinely laughed without the sense of tension in the background, and one more episode earlier in the season like this might have helped this season flow a little better. It was animated well and had a great soundtrack. I’m going to hold off on publishing my review for the two part finale until they air, even though it is on the Korra site. For the review of part I click here

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