Monday, June 4, 2012

Is Yakone a Multi-Bender?

During the last episode of Avatar, some serious revelations were made, such as Tarrlok being a blood-bender without a full moon. Just after the Korra Vs. Tarrlok flight we get some glimpses once again of Aang during the trial of an unknown assailant who I believe to be Yakone. The people in the courtroom appear to be in distress as it looks like they are being blood-bended. Even Aang struggles. In my review I wrote how I believed this to be the actions of Yakone, but I got thinking, how can he attack everyone at once?
The trial of Yakone
The first thing that made me rethink my position was the level of blood-bending that was going on in the room. This courtroom was packed with people, and they all looked affected. Trying to control Aang (the Avatar), Toph (greatest earth-bender ever), and Sokka (Mr Ladies Man) would be difficult enough, if not impossible, not to mention all the other people in the room, and possibly some other metal-bending police. This could not possibly be the actions of one person, unless that person has power on par with the Avatar.
A struggling Aang
So I've been thinking, what could have happened. Looking at a picture of Yakone, it looks like he does not have blue eyes, a trademark of water benders from the Northern/Southern water tribes, or green eyes like the Foggy Swamp benders. His eyes appear to be grey, like an air-bender. However, I could be wrong as the pictures I've seen of Yakone are not entirely clear due to Korra's visions being blurry. So my immediate thought is that Yakone has the aid of some rouge water-benders who know how to blood-bend. That would help to explain the success in the level of attack and is most likely what happened. But then another idea popped into my head. 
He's quite smug for now
Every week I listen to the "Republic City Dispatch" podcast. It's a great podcast where the hosts (Da7e, Devindra, and Matt) sit and discuss episodes of Korra and throw around ideas. It's a lot of fun and you should check it out. On one of the episodes, Matt came up with an idea that Korra might not be the Avatar, but someone who can multi-bend. At first I thought that this cannot be true as Katara, in the opening credits of the original series, stated that only the Avatar could bend all four elements. However, what if that information was incorrect. Not everything is known about the Avatar and the spirit world. It's more than possible that a spirit gave another person powers similar to the Avatar. Now I'm not saying Korra is not the Avatar, I believe she is. What I am saying is it's entirely possible that Yakone might be more than just a water-bender. We know next to nothing about the event that preceded Korra by 40 years, but we do know that Yakone was serious trouble, even for Aang. If he could multi-bend like the Avatar, he would be more than a match (kind of like a checks and balance system) for Aang. At this point the only thing separating the two would be the Avatar State which should still be exclusive to the Avatar. I cannot stress enough that this is only an idea. Hopefully all will be revealed in the coming episodes.

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