Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Legend of Korra – Out of the Past

So much for Tarrlok vs Amon; the son of Yakone did not have a good episode. First he gets exposed for his web of lies and his blood-bending, but when he escapes Tenzin, team Avatar and Batlin, then tries to escape with Korra locked in a box, he was undone by Amon. Tarrlok’s blood bending was exceptional. Not only was he able to subdue Korra last week, but in this episode he took on an air master, two chief of police, the council, Team Avatar, and a bunch of chi-blockers including the Lieutenant! His level of mastery is quite unlike any other water-bender ever seen in the Avatar universe (stronger even than Katara!). However, despite beating all these people, Amon still bested him and robbed him of his bending. Just what kind of power does Amon have?
Tarrlok, I get the feeling your dad would have handled this better
Speaking of Yakone, we finally found out who he was and the trouble he tried to cause thanks to Korra's visions. The water-bender was a mobster kingpin, trying to take control of Republic City through its seedy underbelly. When eventually caught and tried, Yakone blood-bended his way out of the situation. He was so powerful he was able to lift Toph off the floor, levitate her towards him, while subduing Aang, Sokka, and a room full of other people (my guess; Yakone vs. Amon = Yakone win). Like his son, he was eventually beaten (by Aang) while trying to escape. With his bending taken, his story has seemingly come to an end. However, Aang energy-bended in the middle of a street for anyone to see. Is this where a young Amon first got his taste of energy-bending? I feel this story might not be over yet.
Aang doing his Avatar thing
During all of this, Tarrlok had lied to everyone and blamed the Equalists for Korra’s disappearance. Lin springs into action, freeing team Avatar, recruiting Tenzin, and then kicking some major ass. Lin has proven that she is more than just a Toph clone; she’s quite her own person not living in her mother’s shadow. From here she kicks more ass than should be allowed, finding tunnels via earth-bending, opening metal doors, finding an underground prison, freeing her police officers, and leading everyone to escape, all the while being injured. She is exceptional, and I would love to see Bolin train with her to become a better bender. 
We need a Batlin TV show
Mako was really concerned with Korra’s disappearance, and Asami noticed the urgency in his actions. You can tell that she feels like she is losing Mako to Korra, and I felt a little sorry for her. She does seem to love Mako, and Mako is clearly torn between Asami and Korra. Time will tell what happens to all these relationships, but for now there is a wedge between Mako and Asami, even if he is unaware of it. Mako went to some extremes this episode, holding up a chi-blocker and threatening him with fire. This is the kind of behavior that is driving Amon. When Korra does finally escape from Tarrlok’s/Amon’s gasp and is found by Naga and taken to the rescue team, Mako quickly runs to her side and gently picks her up, cradling her in his arms and putting her into the sky bison. It’s a tender moment, but in full view of Asami. 
Dude, Asami's in the next shot
Other standout moments this episode included hearing a 40 year old Twinkle Toes, Chief Toph, and same old Council Leader Sokka (with boomerang and Sparky Sparky Boom Man shoutout). Also, Aang’s giant air ball (not as cool as Tenzin’s air wheel) and Bolin trying to pee in jail. Finally, little Meelo once again had the best scene when he answered the phone and informed the person on the other end of the rudeness of calling at six in the morning. Meelo, I could not agree more; well said sir, well said indeed. Another great episode. 
Meelo is clearly the center of this universe

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