Tuesday, June 11, 2013

E3 2013 - Sony

Sony showed the PS4 a while ago. For 2 full hours. Some great looking games were shown. A neat looking controller was used. Features like Gaikai and the ‘share button’ were touched upon. They set themselves up for an E3 that was theirs to loose, and with Microsoft already done, and Nintendo bowing out of the spotlight, they really had the last word, and holy sh*t what a last word they had.

Finally we got to see what the console looked like. It’s angular, slanted, a two toned black console, with an upgradeable 500gb HDD. It looked cool, something that would look slick sitting right next to my TV, and I liked seeing the architect. Its silly throwaway moments like that which stick with me; letting some guy who probably sits in a cubicle getting his moment in the sun. I like how the PS4 looks (a hell of a lot better than the Xbox One), and am glad they waited until E3 to show it off.

Now onto games games games. That’s what it’s all about. We already knew about Knack, Killzone, Infamous, and Drive Club, but what were the other Sony studios working on? Well, other than The Order 1886 (by the excellent Ready at Dawn studio; don’t let them go like Insomniac Sony), there wasn’t much else. What’s Santa Monica working on? How about Sony Bend? Media Molecule anyone? Where was NAUGHTY DOG??? There was a bunch of third party stuff, but Sony easily has the best first party studios, so I was hoping for more. What was shown was great, but like a beast that constantly wants more, I demand you feed me.
Killzone Shadowfall
Well here it is. The moment they won E3. Used games? Go ahead. Always online? Hell no. Price? $499? $599? Nope, $399. This was something special for the end, and sure the last game they showed was the cool looking Destiny, and sure there was no Uncharted tease, but it was this moment that sticks. It felt like that cool kid on the playground sticking up for some of the younger kids. It was a moment so purposely directed at Microsoft, going blow for blow eventually flooring them, you can’t help but see their girlwood rising. It’s what we wanted, and after years of mixed messages, Sony got their sh*t together and managed to not f*ck up!
How sharing games work on PS4.

So how could I give this anything less than an A? If there was a Naughty Dog tease, it could have been an A+. It was a solid show; a lot of fun with people who seemed excited to be showing their console. Sony did a good job, and there wasn’t much more they could have done to make it better. Sony got their swagger back.

Click for my thoughts on Microsoft, and stay tuned for what I thought of EA, Ubi later today, and Nintendo tomorrow.

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