Sunday, June 30, 2013

What is NBC Sports doing to Formula 1?

I'm a Formula 1 racing fan living in the United States. A fan who actually liked Speed's coverage of the sport, so I was a little concerned over the change to NBC, but optimistic over new blood taking over. However, it turns out I was not concerned enough. I've now unsuccessfully tried to watch the last three races, only to have them not start when they are supposed to, and always preceded by the race results and major happenings. I guess that NBC just doesn't give a shit. I sent them an email this morning after once again being f**ked while trying to watch the race. I doubt anyone there will do anything or even read it, but I wanted it out there, for all 3 of you who happen to stumble upon this post who may be also suffering because of NBC. As Zod would say; 'You are not alone'. 

Here is my email:

To whom it may concern, pass this on to someone who can make a difference,

Since you have taken over the Formula 1 broadcast, you have been doing an atrocious job of showing it on TV. As I am writing this (11:45 am EST), you are supposed to be showing the Silverstone GP, but are instead showing the Tour De France. That would be fine if you had a little note at the bottom stating that F1 will follow once the bike race is over, but instead, you cut to a news break informing me not only of the major happenings in the race, but who won it. That is f**king unacceptable. I usually work over the weekends, but rearranged my work schedule to watch the race only for you cunts to ruin it for me. What dumb f**king monkey is making these decisions? And I can't believe that you have a larger audience tuning into the Tour De France than F1, but even if you do, it gives you no right to treat the F1 audience with such contempt. You have now ruined the last three F1 races for me, but as a British man living in America, who went to Silverstone to watch the race live numerous times, this was the straw that broke the camel's back. Your incompetence is sickening, and I hope everyone in charge of F1 gets laid off and someone with some passion for the sport takes over.

With utmost sincerity, go f**k yourselves.

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