Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Legend of Korra: Peacekeepers Review

Korra this week returned the show to Republic city to deal with the fallout of the Water Tribe civil war. From the start, we are once again reminded just how little Bolin has developed. As the rest of Team Avatar leave to go complete an important task, Bolin is left to wonder what his fate should be. I really felt for him. It reminded me of when I graduated college, looked back at where I’d been, and realized I’ve spent most of my life thus far in school and not really sure how the real world works. And as I tried to figure it out, I spent the first couple of months in a daze caught between two very distinct lives, and not sure if I was ready to leave one for the other. It feels like Bolin too is trying to discover his groove now that his pro-bending days with Mako are essentially over and each member of Team Avatar doing their own thing. Lucky for him, the always great Varrick was at hand to accompany Bolin in his search for self-discovery.

Varrick has been great. Whether he’s giving another great quote ('being famous is like getting hit with a rock all the time'), or the fact that I’m becoming increasingly more convinced that the eccentric billionaire inventor persona he embodies is just a shtick he uses to throw everyone off the fact that he is not only very intelligent, but also very observant and cunning, but once again Varrick stole the show. Between propaganda movies and shoes for hands, Varrick is a treasure trove of endless possibilities, and I hope that he doesn’t have a turn to the sinister before the series end.
We're ditching the girl kid and going to have some great adventures!
On a lighter note, Korra and Mako make huge waves throughout the episode. Caught between being loyal to his girl or his job, Mako’s forced to make choices that are neither easy nor clear cut. Korra desperately wants to liberate her people from the invading forces, and is using all her influence and karma she’s built up to get the help she needs. But it would have been easier for her to get help by yelling at a brick wall. The newly elected President of the United Republic is unwilling to drag his nation into a war that doesn’t really involve them. Further complicating matters is Mako going against Korra and giving the president inside information of her movements. When she went to Gen II Iroh, the President nipped any ‘effort’ to assist in the bud.

This final shut door forced Korra to head to the Fire Nation to seek help from the Fire Lord. However, her journey there was thwarted by the wonder twins and an evil spirit. When Unalaq ordered his children to go retrieve the Avatar I was left a little surprised. Very few benders could hold their own against an Avatar. Both Yakone and Noatak were incredibly powerful benders, but were still unable to best the Avatars. So what makes these two so special? And why are they so confident in their abilities that there were initially going into this fight with the intent to kill! Clearly there is more to these two than meets the eye. However, they are unsuccessful in capturing Korra. That honor goes to the evil spirit who seemingly swallowed Korra, despite her Avatar Stating and trying to calm said spirit.
There is something seriously not right about these two.
Other main points to touch upon are Unalaq revealing that he needs Korra to open the spirit gate up north. I’m beginning to think that he’s getting his orders from someone else, but I could be wrong. An attack on the Southern Water Tribe cultural center looks to inflame a war. Mako is investigating the terrorist attack believing that it was not perpetrated by Northern Water Tribesmen. And at the air temple, Tenzin releases the inner monster within Meelo (his words, not mine!), as he continues his personal time with each of his kids. I assume Jinora is next. This was a very fun episode. The animation and music were once again great. Oh, and the BatLin returned! More BatLin please. 
Just give us the Lin Bei Fong show we deserve!

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