Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Legend of Korra: The Sting Review

This week, Korra barely shows up so everyone else had to pick up her slack. This episode was really well done. It had the slow methodical pace of a detective serial of old while bringing in the inter policing rivalries of more modern shows. Throughout the episode, Maco gathered and examined clues to seemingly uncover the mystery behind all the terrorist attacks that have been going on. Finally, Mako had something to do besides getting yelled at by Korra and Lin.

Starting off with a raid on one of Asami’s shipments to the South, things quickly escalate to espionage, betrayal, a full on Bond style water chase between ships, ending with the ‘bad guy’ seemingly getting the upper hand. Throughout the episode Mako tried hard to stay ahead of all the sleight of hand and trickery afoot, but with no one on his side, he remained a step behind. It didn’t help that Chief Be Fong was so unwilling to listen to him. I get it that he’s a rookie, but come on, has she never seen… read, any of the numerous stories where the rookie cop is proven right at the end? Come on BatLin, I hold you to a higher standard than this.
Good work officer. One day you'll make detective.
Through and through, Mako did as a good job as he could. He followed, clues, believed his gut, and was not motivated by trying to prove Korra wrong or win Asami back. He was doing it all for the truth, and because of that he put the clues together leading him right to Varrick. Not Varrick!

Like I said last week, there is far more to this eccentric man than meets the eyes, and I’m sure his ultimate goal is not just gaining a controlling share in a competitors company. I’m sure money is a huge motivator for him, but I’m beginning to get the feeling that he might be in cahoots with Unalaq. Like he said, ‘if you can’t make money during a war, you can’t make money period’. He may be a source of endlessly great quotes, but the man is sly as a fox, and has wiggled his way into a very powerful position. And it doesn’t hurt that he likes to play both sides. At least Mako’s on to him.
There's no way it can be me, right?
On the B side of this episode, Bolin has found the celebrity side of life to his liking. With a lot of money now at his disposal he gets to buy frivolous items. He’s also doing a good job of playing the vain celeb, ignoring Mako in his time of need (and eye for and eye leaves all but one blind). Meanwhile, Unalaq seems to be getting some sort of direction for his actions from some unseen force. He is openly entering and leaving the spirit portal at will while his children wait for him. I’m sure some evil entity is pulling the strings here, and ultimately he’s going to be as powerless as cabbage man. But for now, his plan has a set back as he believes the Avatar is dead.
Just Bolin, doing his Nuktuk thing.
Speaking of which, it was nice of Korra to show up at the end. Or was it her? She certainly no longer knows, but at least she’s with people who know who she is. She’s had a tough season thus far, especially seeing how she just came off her biggest challenge last season; I guess no one ever said being the Avatar would be easy. So as Korra tries to remember who she is (at least she knows she can bend, and for some reason chose to air bend over water bend!) the shot panned out and lingered over the water which seemed to be hiding something beneath the surface. Possibly one of these so called ‘evil spirits’ which might not be as evil as they have been purported to be (all speculation here).

This was not only a very well done episode, but one I believe will ultimately prove vastly important to the series. It was different from what’s come before on the show. It was both slower and more intelligent, and didn’t feel the need to hit the view over the head with the obvious. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and can’t wait for the two parter next week. 

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